No credit history loans pay for your child’s first birthday

13 March 2013

First birthdays are always going to be special for a parent. If your daughter’s big day is soon coming up, you might want to ring it in by celebrating it with family and friends. You may not splurge, but food, clothes, cake and other requirements will amount to something.

You can quite easily borrow a loan to pay for the bit that you cannot afford on your own now. Where can you go then for a loan that is not going to dig up your credit history for example?

Lenders and banks today are able to give you no credit history loans. You can send in your application without fretting about how ideal or not your credit score is. Approval will take place for these loans in 24 hours, so no worry about when you do apply.

You will be able to apply for no credit history loans online without having to pay any application fees. Since the setup happens to be an online one you will be able to apply from anywhere with internet access.

You do not have to do anything in person at the lender’s office for these loans. The amount that you get through one such loan will depend on your needs and repayment capabilities. Repaying will not at all be a burden for you as the repayment tenure is very flexible.

Repaying the loan as per the instructions of your bank or lender will certainly better your credit score. You are not asked to organize acceptable security for the amount borrowed, so that it is sanctioned.

Lenders and banks offer the money to you in a risk free, unsecured way. The lender or bank that offers you the loan is also not going to offer you a set of usage do’s and don’ts. Lenders have also removed other traditional loan hassles like filling out paperwork and sending faxes.


No credit history loans allow lender to approve a loan for you without as much as a peek at your credit score. Lenders do not ask you for collateral against the loan. They do not hand over excess paperwork first, and this makes the 24 hour approval possible.