Get rid of anxiety without any further delay or hassle

18th Nov. 2008

At the time of loan approval requiring the credit history report of an applicant is the most important step in any regular loan lending institution. But with payday loan no one need to provide his credit history report to be approved for the loan when he access No credit history loans which is specifically designed for such circumstances. It is a fast, free of any hassles and secure way to meeting the expanses. These are short term loans and apt for meeting the small expanses.

Borrowers can use no credit check loans, for any purpose they desire. Since the interest rate on such loans is not higher like any regular loan, it will be good if the borrower apply with payday loan lender along with the best possible offer like Bad credit loans. It will definitely prevent him from falling into a debt trap.

This could be vital if the financial condition of the borrower is quite precarious. Before applying for a Bad credit loans he needs to fulfill the prerequisite of the loan. Conditions that are required to be meets by the applicant are as follows:
1. He must be legal on age i.e. is 18 years of age and above.
2. Must be a permanent resident of UK.
3. Living at the same place for last 1 year.
4. He must be full time employee in any organization since last 6 months.
5. Have regular earning minimum £1000 monthly.
6. Possessed a bank account on his name in any reputed UK bank.
7. Account should be not less then 6 months old.

The best thing about No credit history loans is that at the time of accessing these loans lenders do not wish to know about the credit history of the applicant.

Getting a No credit loans is quite difficult if you don’t have any valuable assets to offer as the security of the loan. A positive credit report is something, which gives comfort to the lenders. In the absence of a collateral and credit check regular lenders impose strict conditions for lending. A proof of continuous employment and a minimum salary limit is required to from the applicant to get regular loan. The amount lent in this case is also small, usually proportional to the salary of the borrower. Therefore, if a borrower is unemployed and is not able to convince the lenders by his monthly income due to above mentioned troubles, the only way which let him make free of any financial stress is that he can access No credit search loans offered by payday loan lender with absence of all above troubles.


Checking out the credit rating of an applicant is the thing of past with No credit history loans which is offered by payday loan lenders who are always serve to the individual of UK either a good creditor or bad creditor. These loans do not require the applicant to pledge his credit report at the time of availing No credit history loans. It is an apt option especially for those who hate undergoing credit checks, which disclose their credit history to strangers the credit history of the applicant.